Vloer Commercial Flooring

Website Design and Product Showcase


Vloer Commercial Flooring Systems in Calhoun, Georgia offers carpet, tile and matting solutions for the hospitality industry. Tannermark launched their new website with functionality to browse hundreds of product swatches so customers can search and request samples.

The homepage displays navigation and 8 inset photos that link to popular interior pages. Below this the viewer will notice a series of rotating photos. The lower-case “L” from the Vloer logo is used as a design element to entice viewers to scroll down the page and reveal a full-screen view of carpet and tile installations.

An added soft-touch is a down-arrow button placed below the overview paragraph. When the down-arrow is selected it causes the top-layer of content to gently scroll off the top of the browser window so the viewer can get a full-page view of carpet and tile installations.  An up arrow at the bottom returns the content to it’s original position.


The product page design (shown below) leads off with a header image of a customer installation.  Nicely tucked into place beneath the header is the product swatch interface which is maintained by the Vloer website administrator. An elegant feature of the swatch interface can be triggered by moving the mouse over the right and left sides of the row of thumbnails.  This action will cause the thumbnails to smoothly advance forward or back so you can quickly reference any number of samples.  On mobile, this action translates into a thumb swipe. To the left of the product is a navigation column providing links to the other product pages within a specific category. This makes it fast to reference products from page to page.