Restaurant Brand Design


We gave teppanyaki and sushi a modern twist

KATANA Teppanyaki & Sushi, on Lenox Road across from Lenox Mall near the Lenox MARTA station, brings a new dining experience to Atlanta. Every meal is unique and made to order. Katana is inspired by Japanese art and style with separate rooms serving cutting edge Teppanyaki and Sushi.

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Design work started 8 months prior to opening day

We sat down with KATANA 8 months prior to opening day to discuss what would make KATANA stand out from other similar eateries. It was decided that the KATANA “edge” should come from communicating the distinctive difference in food cooked over a Teppanyaki grill vs the well known Hibachi grill that most customers would already be familiar with.

What’s the difference between Teppanyaki and hibachi?

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. Teppanyaki grills are commonly confused with the hibachi grill, which has a charcoal or gas flame and is made with an open grate design. With a solid griddle type cook surface, the teppanyaki is more suitable for smaller ingredients, such as rice, egg, and finely chopped vegetables.


Katana is the Japanese word for a long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai

So naturally, our first logo design studies included a samurai sword every which way. It all seemed predictable so we left that direction for the road less traveled.

In the next pass we churned out a round of logo design studies with just a single thin line cutting through the font to represent the razor thin blade of a katana sword. These studies were elegant but too quiet. We wanted more energy. We asked “What would the KATANA font look like if it were sliced by a samurai sword?” This lead to a round of studies with lots of brush stroke fonts. When we tried the stroke effect just on the first letter K it made a sliced curve.


The completed logo (above) and alternate studies.


The street signage for KATANA takes center stage above the entrance


The KATANA menu design is influenced by Japanese art and style

For the customer, the KATANA dining experience begins with the presentation of the menu. For this moment we thought the customer should receive a taste of Japanese art and style while building the sense of anticipation of the meal to come. We discussed this with KATANA and they agreed as long as the menus could be reprinted in house as seasonal offerings changed.


We opted for 3/8 inch custom cut resin boards with elastic black bands at the top and bottom to snap the paper menus in place. The customer would feel like they were holding a work of Fine Art. We delivered the final menu designs in a Microsoft Word document so KATANA could make changes and reprint the menus inhouse on a quality paper stock we provided for them.


The website design for KATANA is fluid and responsive

The KATANA website is designed in a one-page format with fixed navigation at the top that makes it easy to thumb-scroll on mobile to the information customers on the go need to know quickly about KATANA.

The homepage photo is a wall mural in KATANA’s main dining room. As the customer scrolls down the page more content is revealed with the address, map, phone and reservation button the first items in the line-up.

Eight KATANA Menus are programmed into the website and shown upon button selection without forcing the user to load additional pages. These menus use a third-party application that lets KATANA make their own changes online.

Two photo galleries are built into the page display; one gallery provides detail of the Teppanyaki grill stations, the main dining room and cocktail bar and the other photo gallery rest below the menus giving the customer a taste of the food offerings and Teppanyaki Chefs in action.

The customer can connect with KATANA through the website by making a reservation online, purchase gift cards, send feedback, link to social media and even submit an application for employment.


The photography for KATANA captures the art and style of teppanyaki cooking.

The KATANA Space is one that reflects Japanese art and style and Professional photography was commissioned for the website, public relations, social media and other marketing applications. Photographs were taken of the exterior and interior space, food pairings, cocktails, and teppanyaki chefs preparing food at grill stations.


The KATANA brand comes through in printed cards, bags and promotions.

We designed several elements in print for KATANA including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, togo bags and even chop stick sleeves. We used the black band as a central graphic in the printed material as we did in the website and menu design to bring unity to the Katana Brand.