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Can we serve you?

Are you making plans to open your dream Restaurant or exploring new ways to attract customers to your existing eatery?  Then we'd like to serve you.  Tannermark is a digital design and marketing agency in Atlanta and we love working for Restaurants.  We've been doing it for more than a decade - helping Restaurants from fine-dining to fast-casual, large and small, take their vision to market.

We're all about brand coordination

To say the least, the Restaurant business is a very competitive space.  How is your Restaurant going to stand out from all the others on the block?  What marketing and design strategies need to be set in motion to generate customer retention?  What does a customer expect to find on your website before and after they dine with you?  Are you maximizing social media and public relations?  These are some of the questions we'll ask before we get to work.  We believe in the power of what we call "Brand Coordination".  This means that we want your Restaurant to have a unified media presence - from your Restaurant's logo and signage, to your website and social media, to the design of your Restaurant's menu, merchandising and more.

Buy services as a package or à la carte

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Logo Identity Design and Signage
  • Website and Mobile Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising and Print
  • Restaurant Merchandising
  • Restaurant Menu Design
  • Restaurant Photography
  • Staff Apparel Design
  • Restaurant Business Cards
  • Customer Takeaway Cards
  • Online Gift Card Setup
  • Online Employment Application

Restaurants we've had the pleasure of serving

  • Alpine Bakery & Trattoria
  • Amsterdam Cafe Auburn
  • Atlantic Seafood Company
  • CRU Urban Lounge
  • Flip Burger
  • Firkin and Gryphon
  • HD1
  • Hennen's Restaurant
  • Herchel Walker's Famous 34
  • Ichiban Steak & Sushi
  • Jocks and Jills
  • Katana Tepanyaki and Sushi
  • Latitude 31 Seafood Restaurant
  • LeGiverny
  • Lotus Lounge
  • Madras Mantra
  • Mardras Chettinaad
  • Murphy's Restaurant
  • Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine
  • One Midtown Kitchen
  • ORO Miami
  • Paces 88 Buckhead
  • Pampus Steak House
  • Piebar
  • Pura Vida Tapas
  • ROOM at 12 Centennial Park
  • Rumi's Kitchen
  • Stix Dining
  • Sushi Nami
  • Sushi Niko Niko
  • Takorea
  • The Loop Pizza Grill
  • THE ONE Sushi Plus
  • The Pecan
  • The Pleasant Peasant
  • Two Urban Licks

Brand design spotlight

Our backstory

Tannermark is a design and marketing agency that opened in 2005 during the resurgence of the Restaurant industry in Atlanta, Georgia.  We established a niche in the hospitality and lifestyle markets and played a key role during this time in the brand launch of popular Restaurant destinations in Atlanta such as ONE midtown Kitchen, TWO urban licks, Piebar, ROOM at Centennial Park and Paces 88 in the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead.


Tannermark is located in a boutique residential studio in the historic city of Tucker, Georgia inside metro Atlanta just 15 minutes from downtown.  We serve restaurants and eateries in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta, throughout the Southeast and Florida.  Contact Steve Tanner at 404-626-8518 for a free consultation.

Steve Tanner

Brand Director, Designer, Developer

Lizabeth Dison

Marketing, PR, Social Media

Daemon Baizan

Restaurant Photography

Steve Tanner

Steve Tanner, founder of Tannermark, oversees a team of experienced professionals capable of producing large-scale assignments on demand.  Steve personally brings to the table comprehensive experience in Advertising, Design, Interactive Media, Website Development and Project Management.  Steve maintains a keen eye for design in all his work and is very hands-on, inspecting sites, surveying structures, meeting on location, familiarizing himself with products and interviewing key players who have a vision for their direction and end result.
Atlanta. 404-626-8518.