Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine

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Follow along in this post as we create the new brand for Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine located off Windward Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia. This will give you a great insight into what goes on behind the scene when Tannermark gets to work!

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We get the call

It was great to receive a call from Chef Nahm Thongyoung, Executive Chef and Owner of Nahm Thai Cuisine in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Nahm requested a meeting to discuss how Tannermark could help brand her restaurant to convey a higher level of dining experience over what is normally thought of in Thai Dining.

We meet to discuss strategy.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, Chef Nahm graciously offered a tall glass of Thai tea as we sat down to talk. We could tell from the first sip that this was not your average Thai Restaurant.

Chef Nahm had just returned from a trip to New York inspired by the design elegance of Thomas Keller’s restaurant; Per Se. She described with great enthusiasm how her customers would soon experience nothing short of a complete transformation of her restaurant into a new modern space. She requested a brand makeover starting with a new logo and website. Chef Nahm was eager to get started.

We build customer anticipation

As it happens Nahm already had a website designed prior to our introduction. However it was an old design using old technology so we redirected the restaurant url to a “coming soon” page with a formal announcement that a big change was on the way. The page will “stand in” while the heavy lifting commences behind the scene with a new brand design.


Identity (or logo) design studies for Nahm Thai Cuisine started today. We spent most of the day on font engines previewing different text styles. After tagging a few possible font options for later review, we researched the culture, customs and architecture of Thailand.


Tannermark’s Photographer Daemon Baizan arrived on location at Nahm to spend the day photographing customer dining interactions, speciality drinks and signature Thai dishes for use on the website. We also photographed Chef Nahm as we are considering a profile page of her on the new website. 

Photographer Daemon Baizan on location at Nahm Thai Cuisine:


Identity Design

Below is a quick look at the new restaurant logo design studies for Nahm Thai Cuisine. We’re in the midst of determining font, color and symbol treatments that will best match the new interior design of the restaurant. The logo designs were digitally rendered in black and white. The most promising of these were explored further with colors and printed on paper. The designs that stood out in print were next composed over photography to see how well they complemented the restaurant photography.


The decision is in and after much consideration from a batch of 6 possible directions for the restaurant’s new identity design, Chef Nahm has selected the most elegant approach of the group.


The name is rendered in all caps in a classic san-serif font with a twist of the ascenders and descenders that we felt echoed an international flair. The colors are light warm grays rendered on a white backdrop. Centered above the font is an intricate graphic inspired by the architecture of Thailand. In a single line below the restaurant name is the tagline ~ Fine Thai Cuisine. Chef Nahm felt this new tag would help position the restaurant on a level above what is considered authentic Thai.

Website design

The new website for Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine is an invitation to experience some of the best authentic Thai cuisine in Alpharetta and Atlanta. The theme direction is a study in minimal design that will partner with the restaurant’s new interior design.

The website is responsive and mobile ready. Over 60% of Nahm’s customers will visit the website on their smart phones. We gave mobile users quick links to make a call or reservation and get directions to the restaurant. Other website navigation is hidden until revealed by pressing the top of the page.

On the website you can view photos, browser the full menu without downloading a pdf, link to press articles, see special promotions, book catering and read about Chef Nahm.

Thanks for joining us as we took you behind the scene while producing the new brand design for Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine in Alpharetta, GA. Get in touch with Tannermark to discuss a fresh new brand design for your restaurant that customers will talk about!