Mobile Design for Latitude 31

Mobile Design


When the GM at Latitude 31 in Jekyll Island, Georgia asked for a mobile site to accompany their website, work started right away on an elegant single page solution to wet the appetite of customers.

Mobile design.

Designing a user interface for a mobile phone is nearly the opposite approach to how to design for a website. On a smart phone it’s important to push forward functionality that a user on the go can select quickly. Marketing plays a secondary role but can’t be so diluted that the experience becomes boring.

Mobile buttons.

The mobile design we built for Latitude 31 places at the top of the screen easy to tap buttons for directions, email and to make a call. As you thumb swipe down the page these buttons stay locked in place while the marketing impression scrolls underneath. Dual-functionality like this adds unspoken credibility to the brand.

Mobile content.

As the mobile page scrolls down buttons appear that let the customer view the restaurant’s menu. Social media links are placed at the bottom of the page with ample space for thumb-taps.

The GM at Latitude 31 was so pleased with the final product that she summed it up in two words – “It’s Beautiful!”