Brochure and Website Design

GraceWells works with Physician Practice Groups to ensure they receive the maximum financial return from Healthcare insurance providers.  This payment process can be stressful for a busy Practice who would rather focus on taking care of patients instead of lengthy payment negoitations with insurance providers. GraceWells has developed propropeitory software using Big Data Analytics that makes complex payer decisions quick, simple and profitable.

GraceWells asked Tannermark to increase their brand awareness with a unified website and brochure to rollout with a national sales drive.

We chose an approach to design that communicates industry expertise coupled with approachable customer care.  We gave the GraceWells brand message a good bedside manner much like you would appreciate from a small town family physician.


The website style and tone is light and relaxed with each page making good use of clean font treatments and photography. The homepage leads off with a composite image of a relaxed and confident physician sitting in front of a revenue potential diagram. At mid-page we planted a rotating text panel that cycles through the key benefits of outsourcing contract payer management with GraceWells. The bottom third highlights 3 levels of subscription service.



The brochure needed to connect with two demographics within a typical Physicians Practice Group – 1) the Physician and 2) the Physicians Payment Manager. The solution was a 2 in 1 design. The brochure has two different cover designs that both share the same interior spread. The sales team can target which brochure to leave behind depending on what demographic they present too.  An extra design feature of the brochure is the interior spread doubles as an office wall-poster.